By Sonia Stubblebine

Due to the crisis and uncertainty that British Airways faces because of the coronavirus pandemic, the company puts its renowned art collection for sale

The British Airways collection include works of prominent artists such as Anish Kapoor, Tracey Emin and Chris Ofili, with some of the works being valued for more than £1m.
The British Airways collection presents works of mostly British artists and focused initially on artists early in their careers. The collection significantly increased in its value over the last decades. It was created thanks to the help of London-based curators Artwise, who worked with British Airways for 17 years until 2012. During this time period over 1,500 works were purchased for the airline company. These artworks were displayed in firm’s Waterside headquarters near Heathrow and walls of its executive lounges. The most valuable piece of the collection is believed to be by artist Bridget Riley – it is expected to raise millions for the airline.
The sales are going to be organized with the help of Sotheby’s Auction House. The main objective that British Airways is holding for the current sales is to save as many work places as possible and to keep their stuff.
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