By Sonia Stubblebine

Next curator of 2020 Bucharest Biennial has no concern regarding delay of the Biennial because it is a robot

The chief curator of the 2022 Bucharest Biennial is an artificial intelligence program called Jarvis, created by studio Spinnwerk in Vienna. The name Jarvis comes from fictional AI in the “Iron Man” film (2008) and comics called J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System).
Bucharest Biennial

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/ Iron Man and J.A.R.V.I.S. Artificial Intelligence in a scene from the film “Iron Man” (2008). Directed by Jon Favreau

The 10th Bucharest Biennial will take place on May 19–July 17 of 2022. The Biennial will exist in virtual reality, in the Spinnwerk VR gallery and is planned to be accessible worldwide. It will be easy access to those having VR headset while for others organizers will provide VR equipment in cities of Vienna and Bucharest.
Bucharest Biennial

Curator Ben Russell with a robot at the Science Museum in London. Courtesy of Jack Taylor/Getty Images

AI program Jarvis is supposed to use data provided by galleries and art institutions for the process of selecting artists. Jarvis will create short concepts for the Bucharest Biennial, later using it as a base for the further curatorial choices. “At the end of the process Jarvis will select several participants/artists/creators for the biennial based on his knowledge,” stated Razvan Ion, founder of Spinnwerk founder.
Bucharest Biennial

The Armar-6 humanoid demonstration at the CeBIT 2018 tech fair in Hanover, Germany, on 11 June 2018. Photo: Getty Images

While the 9th Bucharest Biennial 2020 has a theme “Farewell to Research” and is curated by Henk Slager, the 10th Bucharest Biennial (2022) will be the first ever in the world to be curated by artificial intelligence, presenting a truly unique moment in the history of art and curatorship.