By Sonia Stubblebine

Italian accountant Claudia Borgogno from Ventimiglia won the lottery, thus becoming an owner of a “Still Life” by Pablo Picasso which is worth more than €1m.

Participating in this lottery was idea of Claudia’s son Lorenzo, who purchased two tickets in lottery as a Christmas present for his mother. He described the experience of staying together in lockdown in Italy during coronavirus pandemic, as an “awful period of time” which was rather changed by this lottery win of Pablo Picasso’s painting.

“Still Life” (1921) by Pablo Picasso

This kind of present was possible thanks to the auction house Christie’s which organized this raffle in Paris. The charitable event aiming towards fundraising for Care charity, had been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. It finally took place, where that ticket was picked out in an electronic draw. Altogether 51,140 tickets were sold online for €100 ($109) each, raising in total €5.1m.

Claudia Borgogno with “Still Life” (1921) by Pablo Picasso

Proceeds from these lottery are going for a good cause, providing water for villagers in Madagascar and Cameroon. The previous owner is the billionaire art collector as well as one of the biggest collector of Picasso David Nahmad who will receive 900,000 euros of the collected money. The rest of the sum will go to charities. This “Still Life” was the smallest of 300 works by Picasso that Nahmad owns, having dimensions of 23cm by 46cm and depicting a newspaper and a glass of absinthe on a wooden table.

Claudia Borgogno is unpacking her “Still Life” from Pablo Picasso

“This coronavirus crisis has made it clear how important it is to wash your hands, and that can only be done with clear water,” the organizer of the sale Ms Cochin stated. By selling only one Picasso it was possible to contribute and make a change in villages and schools in Cameroon and Madagascar.