Today a new edition of Art Basel 2015, the exclusive art fair that has been celebrated every year in Basel for the past 45 years, opened its doors only for collectors

Art Basel 2015

Art Basel is one of the places where the most important monetary exchanges in the world take place and even this year, on the walls of the 320 most established gallery stands, there art artists and artworks worthy of a great museum. Art Basel 2015 is always an extraordinary show: 4,000 artists who are considered the best in modern and contemporary art, some extremely established (from Bacon to Picasso), while others are emerging talents on which collectors will have to decide to bet on or not. Basel, as every year, offers the best of the international art market. There were plenty of people at the VIP opening, some say too many… Regarding sales, the hot artists were sold during the first hour (or perhaps before) and many others are in the deal making process. Tomorrow, still reserved for VIPs, will give us many answers. Contact us to know what the best artworks to invest in are and who the best up and coming artists are.